Welcome. My name is Michael David, and I founded the Humanity Economics Institute to offer a new prism for appreciating, utilizing, and experiencing the beauty and significance of economics in modern human life.

I propose that the frameworks of accounting and finance that have traditionally provided the monetary scaffolding beneath economics have obscured humanity’s understanding of it. This is due to our collective obsession with monetary-evaluation and market-definition of all economic things, which causes an imbalance. This manifests as an overemphasis on the monetary value of all things along with who has a claim on them. Meanwhile, there is a void in us for appreciating the actual experience of economic things, where they come from, and the creative process that brings them into being.

I created Humanity Economics to fill that void and offer balance in our discourse to appreciate the true essence and origin of the economic entities and offerings that enrich human life: the creative endeavor (s) of artists and entrepreneurs.

What is Humanity Economics?

Humanity Economics is a conceptual framework designed to paint a picture to understand the value that human actor (s) infuse into wealth by bringing together several realms:

Cuboid that portrays the dimensions of wealth in Humanity Economics
  • Eastern philosophy from Taoism and Zen Buddhism
  • Quantum Physics
  • Classical Physics
  • Geometry and Trigonometry
  • Theoretical Aesthetic Metaphors

The blending of these realms helps us gain a new perspective on how economics is less of a science of things outside ourselves, and more of an enlightenment about the human essence within us.

Humanity Economics tells us a story about a tapestry that occurs across space-time. The first half of the plot renders how our human essence ends up inside economic things to give them utility and functionality. The conclusion is about how each of our experience of any offering shines brightly in each of us to render value and opulence.

Humanity Economics was developed to assist artists and entrepreneurs in manifesting their creative essence.

What is the Humanity Economics Institute?

The Humanity Economics Institute was created to deliver the ideas and philosophy of Humanity Economics through the following mechanisms:

  • The Humanity Economics Manifesto – to articulate the imbalance in our discourse, which is overabundant of foreknowledge and deficient of experience and essence;
  • The Humanity Economics Model – to provide the mechanics and concepts behind the philosophical basis we speak from in our works herein;
  • Applied Learning Programs – master classes that apply the Humanity Economics Model to maximize outcomes across industries and areas of interest;
  • The Humanity Economics Gallery – where artists can paint their portrayal of Humanity Economics using allegory and metaphors that only art can render.

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Our Mission

To maximize economic potential for humanity, so that humanity can go out and fulfill it.

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