Michael David releases new single: “Price Is Right Theme” on 2/25/2023

Humanity Economics founder and recording artist Michael David has released “Price Is Right Theme,” the second single from the album Theta Dance (to be released in its entirety later in 2023).

In a year that has begun with rendering negative economic indicators around the world along with the jarring wide-spread experience of price inflation, this song will be featured in a blog series to come later in 2023 to bring about awareness and understanding about the group phenomenon of price discovery.

This song was originally written by Edd Kalehoff for the long-running game show The Price Is Right. This show serves both as a window into the price discovery process, as well as a celebration of the wealth and opulence that our economic platform continues to bloom as we progress through time.

I was aiming to capture the essence of The Price Is Right in our rendition of the theme, while slowing it down and adding a relentless and deliberate rhythm. This is to more closely depict the gradual manner in which an offering and its price are discovered organically in the world.

The way I see it, the process is never in a hurry to get anywhere, yet it never fails to get where it is going, find its equilibrium and render satisfaction.

Michael David

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