Anchor Post – Objectives vs. Goals

Welcome to the anchor post on a discussion about the spectrum that spans a goal and an objective.

If you Google the word goal and the word objective for definitions, the result renders these two words as synonyms for the most part. However, within the Humanity Economics Model and throughout our institute’s Derivative Study Platform, we carefully define our use of these two words to span a conceptual disposition.

In this series of blogs, we will explore the ends of the spectrum across this disposition in terms of the energy fundamentals in Humanity Economics.

These fundamentals reveal that the direction of energy with respect to objectives is the opposite with respect goals. In the case of objectives, energy flows toward the core, where the essence of any economic experience lies. With goals, energy flows away from the core essence and toward the surrounding context of any economic experience.

With these fundamentals, we can build a clear understanding of the human energy involved in carrying out economic intent. From there we can begin to apply the concepts of Humanity Economics to practical situations, such as life or business, where we are seemingly fascinated with the creation and execution of goals and objectives. We hope that this blog series provides a new perspective on these prominent concepts in an effort to maintain consistent balance in these realms throughout human life – enjoy.

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