Human energy is involved in the creation and/or consumption of all economic wealth on Earth.  This is because humanity’s economic progress is as much a result of what we think as it is what we do, hence, the theory for the energy portrayed throughout the Humanity Economics Model can be analyzed along a spectrum that extends from the physical realm to the metaphysical realm.  A first look at human energy begins a discovery of the ongoing cycle of how human thoughts become things, and how the economic energy in those things again becomes thoughts.

The Energy Triad

The Humanity Economics Model encompasses a theoretical construct for studying the interactivity between three varieties of energy

  1. Physical Energy
  2. Human Energy
  3. Economic Energy

Physical Energy

Let physical energy refer to energy that is potentiated or transmitted in physical space, which can be analyzed empirically and measured scientifically.

Human Energy

Let human energy refer to the combination of physical energy and cognitive energy transmitted by an actor, which we shall henceforth analyze theoretically.

Economic Energy

Let economic energy refer to cognitive energy transmitted at the frequency of an economic idea in accordance with the dispositional resonance from the satisfaction of an economic goal, or the essence of fulfillment of an economic objective, which we shall henceforth analyze theoretically.

Humanity’s Motor

Humanity’s Motor, portrayed as theta (ϴ) revolving around and about a core of human essence through the physical realm of the body, and the metaphysical realm of the mind.

We shall henceforth regard Humanity’s Motor as a theoretical mechanism, which models the economic energy system of an individual actor, encompassing the following components:  a human core (i.e. origin, source) at the center represented by the lemniscate (∞), human consciousness represented by the variable theta (ϴ), a physical realm (i.e body realm), and a metaphysical realm (i.e mind realm).

Fundamental Static Life Force 

Let fundamental static life force refer to an attraction between consciousness and the human core;

let the core hold a positive charge and consciousness hold a negative charge;

let theta’s orbit around the origin portray a quantum system in which theta’s angular momentum maintains a perpetual equilibrium with with fundamental static life force, and such that elevated energy states increase theta’s orbital radius in ordinal intervals.


Let an idea be portrayed by the spherical volume encircled by the orbit of consciousness revolving around and about the human core, through the physical and metaphysical realms;

let an idea encompass potential economic objectives, solutions and their surrounding context;

let an idea exist in a ground-state when it is orbiting in the lowest quantum orbital;

let an idea exist in a motivated-state when it is orbiting in an elevated quantum orbital due to stimulation by an individual actor’s state of intent;

let an idea exist in a resonant-state when it is orbiting in an elevated quantum orbital due to stimulation by energy absorption via sympathetic resonance.

State of Mind and One’s Disposition

Poles of opposing charge arranged around and about Humanity’s Motor, portraying a stator, potentiating force fields that pass through its center that portray one’s state of mind.

We shall henceforth regard the surrounding context of an idea held within the consciousness of an individual actor as one’s state of mind;

let an actor’s disposition about an idea be potentiated by static force fields with vectors initiated in the negative realm, and pointed toward the positive realm, such that they intersect the origin;

let the negative and positive dispositions be portrayed by the stator positioned about the volume of an idea within Humanity’s Motor, such that the negative realm is positioned above the idea and the positive realm is positioned below the idea.

Frequency of Thought

Let theta’s orbit generate sinusoidal waves with frequencies corresponding to its rotational velocity as it repeatedly approaches, passes through and breaks away from fields of intent, with amplitudes corresponding to the length of the radius between theta and the origin;

The sinusoidal wave form of human energy

let the frequency of a human energy wave portray the essence of an actor’s conception of an idea via resonance, rendered as a sinusoidal wave of human energy.

Human Energy Radiance

Let theta’s orbit in the positive direction in Humanity’s Motor portray the generation of sinusoidal waves of human energy, such that theta’s orbit around the origin acts as the armature of Humanity’s Motor as it passes through fields of intent;

Human energy wave generated as a result of the passage of ϴ through one’s field of interaction, driven by an orbit in the positive direction

let the divide between the mind and body of an actor portray a field of interaction between the actor and the extrinsic world;

let the energy’s transmission through the extrinsic world potentiate intent to create the solution to an economic objective by inducing extrinsic economic actor (s) and entity (s) with its resonance via the conversion of intrinsic human energy into extrinsic economic energy.

Economic Energy Absorption

Let theta’s orbit in the negative direction in Humanity’s Motor portray the absorption of economic energy waves, such that theta’s orbit around the origin is driven by the induction of extrinsic economic energy;

Economic energy wave approaching the field of reality during experience of the physical world, driving the orbit of theta (ϴ) in the negative direction

let the divide between the mind and body of an actor portray a field of experience between the actor and the extrinsic world;

let the energy’s interaction with the actor portray the fulfillment of an economic objective via the conversion of extrinsic economic energy into intrinsic human energy.

Human and Economic Energy Units

Quantum Units

The lowercase Greek letter iota, representing the variable for scalar units of economic intent in Humanity Economics

We shall henceforth regard quantum magnitudes of intent as depicting meaning potentiated within an individual human actor about a particular idea;


Let lowercase-iota equal the magnitude of intent required to induce a motivated-state of a single economic idea in the ground-state and elevate it to the next quantum orbital.

Units of Power- Human Energy

We shall henceforth measure the power of human energy (i.e., the quantity of work done) as the progress made toward a goal or objective by a source actor to fashion a sink entity into an economic offering;

let human energy radiance portray the transmission from the source actor to absorbing sink entity (s);

let the resonance of the energy absorbed by the sink actor (s) and/or entity (s) potentiate a disposition within them over time with the essence of the economic idea.

The uppercase Greek letter Iota, representing the variable for units of economic power in Humanity Economics

Units of Power- Economic Energy

We shall henceforth measure the power of economic energy (i.e., the degree of prosperity absorbed by an actor during an economic experience) as the degree and duration for which the quantum resonant-state of theta is stimulated over the experience of fulfillment of an economic objective;

let economic energy absorption portray the transmission from source entity (s) or offering (s) to a sink actor.


Let uppercase-Iota equal the quantity of power transmitted from a source entity to a sink actor during the course of a single human breath.

Author: Michael David
© 2024, Humanity Economics Institute, LLC

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