On Human Energy in Economics

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The Greek letter iota, representing the variable for units of economic energy in Humanity Economics

Welcome to the anchor post that begins a blog series on rendering the human energy in economics through the prism of art. A fundamental purpose of the Humanity Economics Institute is to discover and appreciate human energy in economics from the impressions portrayed by artists from our platform.

Why art, aesthetics and economics, and why now?… you might ask. Because we need depth of thought more than ever in the age of the soundbite in the echo chamber. Our current economic discourse is just that–shallow sound bites that lack a deeper appreciation for the fundamentals. When we return to human roots, we spawn a deeper understanding of why economics exists and what prosperity really is.

Art offers us a different perspective for experiencing economics in a metaphysical realm. This realm is detached from our own economic motives, dispositions and foreknowledge. Without these distractions, we can behold the essence of economics, which can be found within you, and within me.

Each post in this series will examine topics from the modern economic discourse through the prism of a piece of art and/or from the perspective of the artist. In some cases, we include first-hand accounts of the artists’ points of view during their inspired moments. We will also examine the art and how it relates to metaphysics and philosophy found in the Humanity Economics Model.  We hope you enjoy this series.

Michael David is the founder of the Humanity Economic Institute, a singer/songwriter, recording artist and is the author of the Humanity Economics Model. He writes expository pieces that reflect on the economic inspiration rendered through the prism of art.

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